Care provided by your loved ones after an accident is part and parcel of a claim for personal injury. An accident can make simple tasks such as washing, dressing and cleaning extremely difficult. It’s often the case that a family member or friend will help to pick up the slack and provide assistance. The time they take to help you will form part of your claim, as they’re effectively performing some of the duties of a carer. When we receive a call from someone who has been injured and wants to claim for the care provided to them, we ask them to keep a full log of all the activities they’ve received help with along with the length of time spent being helped. This way, we can make an accurate calculation of the amount due to you.

Claims For Care

A recent client of ours had a claim for tripping in a pothole. She had been making her way back home from a friend’s house at night along a street with obscured lighting. She lost her footing as she accidentally stepped in the pothole and broke her ankle. Our client had attended the hospital and the doctors put her ankle in a cast. This was eventually replaced by a specialist boot. During this time our client was on crutches and struggling to perform many tasks that are taken for granted. Cooking, bathing and shopping suddenly became tasks that required a helping hand. Luckily, her daughter and granddaughter were available to help and devoted large portions of their day to providing care for our client.

The care supplied by our client’s family in this case was provided every day for 2 months. We included this in her claim for compensation and when the case was settled, it made up over £3,000 of her award. We are glad to have helped our client be able to pay back her family for the excellent care and support they provided to her.