There are often multiple types of injuries sustained in an accident, from muscular and skeletal problems to dental injury. As experts in personal injury, we’re able to deal with a wide range of injury types. An accident we dealt with which occurred in a holiday park shows this versatility. Our client had been walking in the holiday park in the evening when she trapped her foot in a cattle grid. Her leg fell through the gap and she fell forwards on to her face and hands.


Her front right tooth was knocked out and she damaged another. Dental injury may not be something which immediately springs to mind when thinking of personal injury claims, but it can often be a painful and expensive process.


We proceeded to deal with both the muscular injuries and the dental injury. We arranged for two different medical experts to examine our client; obtaining evidence from a doctor specialising in muscle injuries and an endodontic specialist allowed us to greatly strengthen our client’s compensation claim.


The dental specialist performed an x-ray and discovered that one of the teeth damaged in the accident would need a costly root canal treatment, with additional procedures required to keep it healthy throughout her life. This would come to almost £6,000 in total.


We negotiated with the insurer of the premises, who had admitted their liability for the accident. As was shown in the photographs we provided as evidence, there was no lighting near the cattle grid. This was obviously a danger to our client and anybody else passing nearby, as they would have no idea of the tripping hazard until it was too late.


The global award we obtained for our client was in excess of £12,000. This was an excellent result, as it provided her compensation for her injuries and included the £6,000 she would need for the procedures to fix her dental injury.