Accidents in public places are unfortunately not uncommon. They can happen at any time and often in the blink of an eye, while the consequences can be disastrous.

Water and soap on the floor

The most common accidents relate to slipping and falling.

Serious injuries can result in discomfort and even time away from work, placing great financial stress on the victim.

Public and private organisations owe a duty of care by law to ensure that people remain reasonably safe while on their premises.

What counts as a public place?

A public place is listed as anywhere that the public can access, regardless of whether it is free or not.

This includes places such as schools, shopping centres, supermarkets, parks, streets, pubs, railway stations and sports stadiums to name but a few.

Should someone sustain an injury in one of these areas, the surrounding circumstances will determine whether the person involved can bring about a public liability claim.

The most common accidents relate to slipping and falling, both in the adult and child populations.

In most cases these are not the victim’s fault and can include slipping on a wet floor, stepping down a pothole or tripping on an object protruding from the ground.

Common locations for slips can be in supermarkets and restaurants where liquids have been spilled on the floor, and it is the responsibility of the owners to prevent these accidents.

Making a claim

Where the victim is certain an accident is not their fault, they should make an appropriate claim as soon as possible.

Claims for an adult or child

Parents can claim on behalf of their children in certain cases, for instance if they were to slip in the school cafeteria or fall over stock left on the floor of a shop.

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of dangerous premises or negligence by the owner, then you may be able to make a claim.

When no win no fee solicitors are involved it is possible to have an idea of where you stand in a case, as they are not likely to take it on if they do not think they will be successful.

The next step

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