When you mention to someone that you’re thinking about buying a motorbike, you’re often met with gasps of horror as people instantly believe motorcycles to be a dangerous form of transport.

But how much truth is there in this notion?

Are motorbikes really more dangerous than cars?

The hazards of motorbikes

It’s true that in a crash, motorcyclists tend to sustain more severe injuries than those driving cars. In essence, an accident that dents a car can put a motorcyclist in hospital.

With a motorcycle you’re obviously more exposed without the protective shield you have in a car, and in the event you’re involved in an accident, chances are you will be thrown from your bike and there is nothing to stop you colliding with other vehicles or the road.

This is partially why motorcyclists often fare worse than car drivers in accidents. It is also down to the fact that motorcyclists have a bigger chance of getting into an accident with a vehicle that is much larger than their own.

Additionally, if you’re driving a car and experience a flat tyre, you can generally navigate your vehicle to the side of the road to resolve this. However, if you’re on a motorbike and you lose a tyre or it goes flat, you are likely to be catapulted into the road and sustain a serious injury.

Can motorbikes ever be safer than cars?

Since there is no car body around them, riders do not have blind spots and so have better visibility. In addition, if a lorry is blocking their view of the road ahead, motorcyclists have more flexibility in obtaining a view to nearside or offside of the vehicle ahead, whereas cars have much less flexibility in their positioning to gain a view past the vehicle. As a motorbike rider’s field of vision is wider than that of a car, they are often able to see more which helps to reduce the chance of accidents.

What’s more, if a car suddenly stops in front of a bike, the rider can swerve to the side rather than inevitably crash into the back of it, or fit easily between two cars where there are multiple lanes. In this way, a motorbike has more evasion options than a car.

Motorcyclists can often feel unfairly blamed for an accident but if the accident wasn’t your fault and we can prove you were injured because of the negligence of someone else or that blame lies elsewhere, we can pursue an accident claim on your behalf.