Bike Accident Essentials

Accidents do happen and when somebody knocks you off or that pothole in the road that’s not been repaired by the council sends you spinning you need to know what to do. Bike accident expert lawyer Mark Lampkin explains how new rules mean that the first call you make is more crucial than ever.

The first thing to remember is that under no circumstances ring a claims company. All a claims company can do is pass your details on to a solicitor. They cannot run your claim, go to court or represent you in any way. They are completely unnecessary middlemen. The fees they charge to tame solicitors to refer your case have been banned but many are still hiding these in so called marketing fees. That is illegal.

Worse still under new rules up to 25% of your case can be retained towards legal costs. Claims companies will keep this 25% and give you nothing in return. Remember this can even be taken from the repair bill leaving you unable to pay to have your bike restored.

Remember also that your insurance company are there just to make money for their shareholders. Do not call your insurers without speaking to a lawyer first.  The difference is that a solicitor must do their best for you. Again a lot of insurers will have financial arrangements with solicitors and you may end up with a lawyer who knows nothing about scooter and bike accidents. Always go directly to a good solicitor with a good reputation and one who will look after your interests alone.

And make sure that you understand all about how no win no fee works. This means that your solicitor only gets paid if they win the case. Previously all the costs would then be paid by the other party’s insurers but this Government have given the insurance companies a bonus by reducing the amount they pay by allowing up to  25% of your claim to go towards your legal costs. All claimant solicitors campaigned against this but it has happened. Just make sure they tell you precisely what this is taken from.

Make sure that this deduction is not made from the repair bill and certainly do not just give it to a claims company. We at Lampkin & Co give a guarantee that we will not take anything from the repair bill as we believe that repairing or replacing your bike is essential.

The rules have changed but you are still in a good position following a non-fault accident so long as you get the right legal team on your side first. Insurance companies will make you low offers to save money and according to statistics from the Financial Services Authority you will achieve a settlement 2-3 times more by using a solicitor.

Top 5 Accident tips for bikers.

  1. Never ring a claims company following an accident they may take money from your claim for nothing in return.
  2. Do not ring an insurance company until you have taken advice you may lose money if you do.
  3. Go directly to a no win no fee solicitor who knows about bikes not one who has paid a fee to get your case.
  4. Make sure you will recover your bike repair costs in full with no deductions
  5. Call Lampkin & Co first and let us prove how good client service can be.