An accident can leave you feeling a bit shaken or can turn your life upside-down.

It’s not unusual for victims of accidents to have feelings of anxiety and tearfulness, but how can you get back to normal?

Even a small incident that initially leaves you suffering mainly from shock can have knock-on effects and you may even feel like you’ll never get back to normal.

However, there are ways to deal with this and get your life back on track, and here are a few tips.

Road accidents

A road accident can be a traumatising experience and it’s not unusual for those involved in any accident – minor or major – to have feelings of anxiety, anger, tearfulness and difficulties sleeping.

Time’s a healer and symptoms may become less severe in the weeks ahead, but there are ways to deal with these issues in the meantime.

Counselling can be a very effective way to alleviate such symptoms and put you on the road to recovery. It can prove a huge help for those suffering from the emotional aftermath of a road traffic accident.

You may also need rehabilitation following an accident to help with any injuries sustained. The best solicitors secure any support and rehabilitation you may need in addition to recovering the compensation you are entitled to.

If your health allows, it’s best to get back into the driving seat sooner rather than later. You may not feel like driving again but the longer you leave it, the more intense the fear becomes.

Workplace accident

If you are unlucky enough to have an accident in the workplace, you may feel as though you do not want to return.

This may be because you are worried the accident will happen again or because you are concerned how making a claim has affected the employer-employee relationship.

However, in the event an employer breaches their duty of care to another person, resulting in injury or illness, the injured party is entitled to compensation and you should not notice a difference in workplace relationships.

Start small if needs be – working part time and easing yourself back into the workplace can help to build up your confidence slowly but surely.

Remember to keep an eye out for any health and safety hazards and look after yourself. You may even notice some changes with regards to health and safety procedures have been implemented in your absence.

If you have had an accident and wish to make a personal injury claim, Lampkin & Co Solicitors work hard to secure the support and rehabilitation you may need in addition to the compensation you deserve.