It’s that time of the year again: summer has passed and the chilly climes of autumn have announced their unwelcome arrival.

Top tips for staying safe on the roads in autumn.

Generally, the colder the weather gets the more dangerous the conditions on the roads. Undoubtedly winter poses some of the most dangerous hazards for drivers, but you must be equally cautious in autumn.

By familiarising yourself with the potential pitfalls of autumn driving, you’re less likely to be involved in a road traffic collision.

Here are the top five hazards to be aware of when on the road this autumn.

Low sun

Summer might be over but you’ve still got an excuse to wear your shades, as the low sun can cause problems for motorists, especially commuters. With the sun rising later each morning and earlier each evening, it can be distracting with it being positioned in all the ‘wrong’ places.

Always ensure your windscreen is clean, wear your sunglasses and to be on the safe side just drive a little slower.

Heavy rain

Brits are used to encountering wet spells and sometimes even torrential rain while driving. However, being accustomed to something doesn’t necessarily make it less dangerous, so as the weather worsens throughout autumn, make use of your headlights if visibility is poor and slow right down.

Splashing through puddles is equally fun in the car as it is in wellies, but it’s best to rein in your inner child and slow down if you are forced to drive through deep puddles. This avoids the car sliding uncontrollably and can prevent accidents. Remember to check your brakes after driving through big puddles.

Slippery leaves

Lush green leaves threatening to transform their colours to exhibit rusty reds and oranges is another sign that autumn is here. As pretty as the UK’s new colour scheme is, roads and streets littered with fallen leaves can be a problem.

When wet they can be very dangerous, so remember to give yourself a little extra stopping time and watch out for pedestrians slipping and sliding on the pavements.


With a lot of animals on the move to find shelter ahead of the cold weather or preparing for hibernation you may be surprised to learn a lot of collisions are caused by drivers swerving to avoid creatures of all sizes starring back into the headlights!

Believe it or not, deer are actually a very big problem indeed. It’s estimated that around 74,000 car accidents are caused by drivers swerving to avoid deer every year.

If you’re injured in a road traffic accident this Autumn and it wasn’t your fault you should seek the advice of a specialist no win no fee solicitor. They will generally only take on your case if they feel there is a good chance of success so you can be confident they’ll fight your corner against an insurer.