When making a claim medical evidence needs to be obtained from someone independent and credible.

Medical examinations are a crucial part of making a claim and obtaining the compensation you deserve.

The reason for this is to verify the true extent of the injuries sustained in the accident.

Here’s what you need to know when making a personal injury claim:

Medical evidence will determine the amount you receive

If claims are undervalued the injured party may not get the amount of compensation they are entitled to.

To avoid this and ensure the level of compensation awarded is sufficient and reflects the severity of an injury, a detailed medical report is crucial.

In most cases a report from one expert is enough to determine the amount of compensation you receive.

Depending on the severity and whether your injuries are particularly complex, reports from different experts may be required.

This might sound cumbersome, but it’s necessary to obtain an accurate account of the whole scenario before the compensation can be valued.

Who prepares the medical report?

In most cases reports are compiled by injury solicitors or medical agencies. The report is then sent to an expert for review.

Before the expert gives it the go-ahead you’ll be required to undergo an independent medical examination.

In terms of time it usually takes a month for the independent medical report to be prepared following the examination.

The benefits

Your injuries will be formally documented, clearly stating any bodily damage sustained and any future treatment you might need.

Once complete the injury solicitor will be better informed to make a judgment on the amount of money you should receive.

The medical report is crucial in proving your claim.

Without a medical report the other party who you’re saying is liable will be able to deny responsibility.

You may have been injured but without the evidence the other party may say that your injuries are unrelated and not caused by them.

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