Having just answered and enquiry from a new motorcycle accident client I thought I would share that advice concerning what happens when a motorcyclist is injured by an untraced motorist and his bike is also damaged.

In such cases provided we can establish that the accident was caused by another motorist who left the scene then a claim for damages and compensation can be presented to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau. We are experts on this type of claim particularly for injured motorcyclists.

The enquiry related to bike damage and was :- Do I have to claim on my fully comprehensive insurance for the damage to my bike?

The short answer to this is yes! This is because claims against the MIB are a “claim of last resort” and you will be expected to claim for the damage to your bike from your own insurance policy before being able to claim from the MIB

Had the client been insured on a third party only basis then he could have included the damage to the bike as part of his claim subject to an excess.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by an untraced motorist please get in touch to expert legal advice.