Accidents can come out of nowhere taking you completely by surprise or are foreseeable but happen despite this advance awareness that something may be about to happen.

Watching out for reckless or hesitant drivers could prevent an accident.

People who were involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault often reflect on the incident and think whether there was any way it could have been avoided.

While sometimes an accident is inevitable, there are also ways to gauge when an accident could be on the horizon – and prevent it from happening altogether.

Reckless drivers

Reckless drivers can cause accidents, resulting in substantial damage to vehicles and lives, whether their own or those of other people.

Such drivers often give no thought to their own safety or that of others, despite the fact that all road users share legal responsibilities to ensure road safety.

Irresponsible drivers may travel too fast for the road, which could result in them spinning out of control – especially if road conditions leave a lot to be desired – and spark panic in other road users.

Careless drivers may also dive into small space between cars after overtaking or change lanes abruptly without indicating.

When a reckless driver is spotted ahead of time, give them a wide berth and leave plenty of space. They might not be prepared to slow down or drive more carefully but there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Overly cautious drivers

At the opposite end of the scale, there are drivers who are unsure where they are going and therefore drive very slowly in comparison to the general traffic flow.

While exercising caution when driving is a responsible approach to getting behind the wheel, sometimes hesitant motorists can be hazards.

If it looks like someone ahead of you may not know where they’re going, give them a wide berth to prevent a possible accident.

This is advisable because the driver may suddenly stop if they are about to accidentally pass a road they need to take.

Such drivers may also suddenly change lanes on a roundabout without giving any sort of indication of their planned actions.

This is because they can be so absorbed in the route that it takes precedence over road safety.

Sometimes no matter how much you do to avoid dangerous drivers and reduce the possibility of being involved in an accident, you can still find yourself embroiled in a road traffic incident.

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault and blame or negligence can be proved to lie elsewhere, we can pursue a no win no fee accident claim on your behalf.