Autumn isn’t all rusty reds and cool, crisp mornings – the season also brings a spate of uncongenial weather, such as the downpours seen across Wales this week.

Road safety is a priority as flood alerts go out across Wales.

Heavy rainfall and flash flooding caused roads and shops to close around Cardiff at the weekend, and parts of west Wales have been hit by flooding today.

The rain has been so relentless that a Natural Resources Wales weather alert has gone out across South Wales and Snowdonia, warning the public to be vigilant as downpours and chaos on the roads continue.

A Natural Resources Wales spokesman said: “Following a wet weekend and heavy showers today, more persistent, heavy rain is forecast to move in overnight tonight and affect most parts of Wales throughout tomorrow morning.

“The worst affected areas are likely to be across South Wales and across the Snowdonia mountain range in Gwynedd. It is expected to clear throughout this afternoon.”

Navigating wet roads

Following the latest weather alert, we have compiled a brief guide on staying safe on the roads in rainy conditions.

Use your headlights

Even in light rain, turning your headlights on can improve your own visibility and help other drivers spot you.

Avoid puddles

Driving through giant puddles brings out the child in us all, but it’s best to refrain to avoid getting your brakes wet (and soaking unfortunate pedestrians). If you do drive through deep water, apply the brakes lightly to dry them.

Keep your distance

Stopping distances increase around three-fold in wet conditions, so remember to keep more than two cars lengths between you and the vehicle in front.


A heavy downpour can dramatically reduce visibility and put yourself and other drivers at risk. In this situation, slow right down or, if possible, come to a stop until the rain has passed.

If you have been involved in a road accident that is not your fault, and blame or negligence can be proved to lie elsewhere, we can pursue a personal injury claim on your behalf.

Keep up with the latest flood alerts and warnings with the Natural Resources Wales website at