If you’re ever in the position where you’ve witnesses an accident, the natural inclination is to call 999 and attend to those injured.

Would you know what to do if you witnessed an accident?

In addition to this you must also consider other factors as you’re likely to be called on as a witness.

Knowing what to do and look for is crucial; your presence could save lives and your witness testimony could allow the victim to make a claim.

Here’s what to do in the event that you are witness to a road traffic accident.

Stay calm

Witnessing an accident can be just as traumatic as being involved in one. Your instincts are likely to be telling you to help and while this is all very well, it’s important to be calm and collected.

Consider your own safety, as the last thing you want to do is cause another accident by running into the road.

If you’re in a car, use your hazard lights to warn oncoming traffic of an incident.

Once at the scene, check to see who is injured and to what extent and call the emergency services.

Remember, the one who is screaming the loudest may actually be in less pain than people who are lying still and silent.

Do’s and don’ts

If possible, don’t attempt to remove anything or anyone even if they are causing an obstruction. Moving people could exacerbate an injury and moving objects could impact the consequent investigation.

It’s important to remain at the scene until the emergency services arrive. You’ll be asked to give an account of what happened.

It’s wise that you write down what you say as it’s likely you’ll be contacted again by the police or other parties with regards to the investigation or personal injury claims.

Your version of events must be consistent throughout as any inaccuracies or distortions will go against the people filing for compensation.

By law you’re not compelled to be a witness but the police may require a witness account from you.

While at the scene of the accident you could take some photographs as evidence. It may seem insensitive at the time but they can make all the difference in claim disputes and could help with the investigation into what happened.

If you were involved in a car, motorbike or scooter accident that wasn’t your fault and we can prove the negligence or blame lies elsewhere, we can pursue a personal injury claim on your behalf.