It appears people are more likely to sustain a work-related injury mid-week, if a recent survey is anything to go by.

The mid-week dip in mood causes people to become more accident prone.

Monday blues and the dreaded Friday 13th aside, Wednesday is the day of doom for having an accident at work.

According to Physio Med’s survey of 1,000 office workers, people are twice as likely to have an accident on Wednesday than they are any other day of the week.

Vigilance is advised every day of the week in the workplace, especially if you work in a hazardous environment – but the survey suggests it may be worth taking a little extra care on a Wednesday.

Why? The study indicates it’s the dip in mood which causes people to become more accident prone mid-week.

Wednesday is the middle day of the prior and forthcoming weekend. Therefore, tiredness kicks-in and employees are at risk of becoming negligent and more susceptible to accidents.

The findings build on a previous study conducted in 2009 which too discovered Wednesdays to be the most sombre day of the week.

However, the other four days of the week aren’t plain sailing. In fact, 11.45am on a Tuesday is considered to be the most stressful time of week. As a rule, employees spend most of Monday moaning and come Wednesday people are simply too fed up to care.

Workers have no complaints about Fridays but bosses are generally disgruntled with the lack of productivity.

Making a claim

To avoid an accident at work occurring your employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment, suitable training and appropriate safety equipment. They must also protect contractors and visitors to the workplace.

If your employer has breached any aspect of this duty of care or you were injured due to the negligence of another member of staff you may be entitled to compensation, which can be obtained by making an accident at work claim.