News is just breaking of a rollercoaster crash at Alton Towers in which four people have been said to be seriously injured.

The incident seems to have occurred on the new Smiler ride when two carriages collided. This type of incident is obviously very rare given that rollercoaster and similar rides have to pass very stringent safety test before they are certified as safe to open.

At  Lampkin & Co we have done many claims for injuries in rollercoaster accidents including rides at Alton Towers. One claim arose when a piece of the Thirteen ride became detached and struck our client in the face and head. Another occurred on the log flume ride which became stuck and when released cause a clash of heads between passengers as there was no water to cushion the blow.

In theme park claims we often encounter very strong opposition especially when the circumstances of the accident are unusual. We are often approached by clients who have genuinely been injured just from the normal operation of the ride itself. Whiplash injury to neck shoulders and back are quite common from rollercoaster rides but there is no legal right to compensation as the ride has been passed as safe and no defects were apparent.

The incident that is now being reported is likely to be very different as it is doubtful that the ride owners will be able to identify any defence to the rightful claims for injury compensation that will now be made by those traumatised and injured rollercoaster riders.

These incidents remain fortunately scarce but when they occur they always lead to publicity as the consequences of such rollercoaster accidents have the potential of being catastrophic. Undoubtedly the Health and Safety executive will be at the scene and will leave no stone unturned in seeking the cause of this frightening rollercoaster crash causing serious injuries. Similarly any lawyers involved in looking after the legal rights of victims will have all the evidence available to achieve full recompense and compensation.

We sincerely wish all involved a speedy and full recovery and our best wishes go out to all concerned.