I have now been a personal injury lawyer for 27 years and have reached a point where I must speak out to defend myself, my practice and most of my profession against the constant derogatory comments of being “ambulance chasing pond life”.

I have recently been called this personally several times and was even listening to a business motivation talk online when this exact phrase was used by a business guru. Hardly motivational particularly when coming from someone who has become a millionaire helped by smart accountants and off shore tax havens.

Anyway this Daily Mail inspired vitriol has started to hurt so let me explain why.

When I first started as a lawyer I was exposed to a stunning piece of legal work conducted by Michael Turner in Preston a lawyer,  and friend I still have enormous respect for. He was meticulous and terrier like and fought hard to secure the compensation merited by all those killed or seriously injured in an explosion at a water treatment plant. The Abbeystead Disaster as it was known became a massive and complex piece of litigation and whilst I was only photocopy fodder I decided then and there to dedicating my career to help those innocently injured by the negligence of others.

I have a passion for motorcycles and so have aimed at looking after motorcyclists injured in road accidents where I can help recover life changing sums of compensation as a result of life changing injuries to secure the financial future of, I repeat, innocent accident victims.

And that is the crux of it I can only help innocent accident victims. If the court decides my client was the author of their own misfortune they will get nothing.

Insurance companies employ vast PR departments to put out nonsense like “compensation culture” or “cash for crash puts £90 on car insurance premiums” solely to reduce claims and make more profit……period! Whilst I would fully accept that there has been some abuse and excess, often caused by the insurers themselves, it is nothing like the scale suggested. It is just patently false.

But I tell you what is more likely to put £90 on your premium…..a bloody meerkat. Remember the time when we didn’t need comparison sites? Well who do you think pays for all those adverts in the middle of Corrie at top price? Yes it goes straight on your premium and into the coffers of the mega profitable comparison sites who lets face it just have “sweetheart deals” with insurers to scam more money.

To be frank I am actually proud to be an “ambulance chaser” because if only I could get to every accident victim first before they made the error of ringing their insurance company  where they will either get ripped off or have their details sold to a solicitor then I could tell them the claims game secrets and protect them.

I hope you never need me but if you are in that ambulance remember me.