Make no mistake the biggest attack on worker’s rights is happening right now, hidden in plain view, but nobody is doing anything about it. Except me.

The Government have put forward proposals in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill to remove an injured worker’s right to use his employer’s breach of health and safety law to prove his claim for compensation for an injury so caused. This by the way is under the written intention to stimulate long term growth for the country. Personally I think we should be asking the bankers for our money back rather than taking it off innocently injured workers.

To be absolutely clear, at the moment if an employer fails to follow Health and Safety law, for example by not having guards on machines or providing helmets and goggles, and an injury occurs, loss of fingers or brain damage and blindness in the cases above, then the employee can successfully sue just on the basis of those breaches and rightly so. If this draconian bill is passed employee’s rights will be taken back to 1898.

This will allow employers to ignore sensible laws introduced to reduce and prevent workplace accidents and to kill and maim their workers with reckless abandon safe in the knowledge that their insurance premium will not be affected as the crippled worker now thrown on the state scrapheap will not be able to claim.

Flintshire is a hard working industrial area and I am campaigning to bring this totally unnecessary and cruel proposal to public attention so Flintshire workers can be protected. Accidents at work do happen and can be serious. Just remember it could be you!

Mark Lampkin, Lampkin & Co Solicitors