A recent case dealing with the catastrophic effects of a new vaccine is set to go to the Court of Appeal as the Government seeks to further limit the rights of innocently injured citizens.

In 2003 a swine flu panic swept the UK media fuelled by need to sell more newspapers. Hindsight they say is a wonderful thing but do these predicted apocalyptic new flu strains ever turn out to be as devastating as thought?

I digress. But in this case a 12 year old boy was given the vaccine by concerned parents. The vaccine in question was a newly introduced variant and by its very nature it was released before full tests on children were conducted such was the need for speed.

It turns out that GPs spotted an alarming increase in the prevalence of narcolepsy amongst the young vaccine receivers. This is a debilitation condition leaving the victim permanently prone to falling asleep with out notice with the consequent disruption to their lives. Driving for example would be out of the question.

Brave lawyers acting on a no win no fee, or conditional fee agreement, took the case against the government and, as reported in the Guardians they successfully achieved an award of £120,000 for the disruption to this young boy’s life.

The Government are now asking the Court of Appeal to revisit the award which was inflated to take into account the future impact to this young boys life and included compensation for such future disruption as not being able to drive or go to University. What the Government are asking is for the compensation to merely make an award in money terms for the difference between this boys life now as compared to a “normal” boy.

As an expert personal injury lawyer having worked in the sector for over 25 years I can only hope that the Court of Appeal, do their duty and give this argument short shrift.

Personally I will continue to campaign for the rights of all innocently injured accident victims to be fully compensated.