Have you ever looked around your place of work and carefully considered the amount of dangers which exist?

Most of us wander through the working day without contemplating how our environment might potentially affect us, but the range of dangers and potential for accidents can be very real.

Accidents can be incredibly varied. This is true whether your place of work is an office or if it extends to working outdoors, maybe as a truck driver on UK roads. Whatever your occupation is, there are still risks. It’s just some occupations may have higher risks than others.

Office workers

Even office environments can present risks of accidents.

Of course, the kind of injuries sustained in accidents is just as varied as the type of accidents themselves. Road accidents can cause a host of injuries to a number of people, such as drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. Recent data suggests that over 8,000 pedestrians were killed in road accidents between 1999 and 2010. Whilst motorcycle accidents account for more than one fifth of all fatalities caused on the roads, despite the fact they only account for 1% of road accidents.

Accidents can therefore occur at any time and in any situation – but the workplace remains one of the key danger points. The injuries sustained can range from the mild to the severe or even fatal and therefore protecting yourself from these multiple risks is important.

Don’t assume you’re not at risk

With so many potential risks of accidents in the workplace, protecting yourself is not always as easy as it sounds. Unfortunately, accidents can strike at any time and it is not always possible to predict them. This means that whilst you should exercise vigilance with your personal safety, it may not be enough to prevent an accident from occurring while at work.

In over 20 years of personal injury work I’ve seen claims for injuries in the workplace ranging from what are often considered “dangerous” environments in industry through to working environments that many people wouldn’t expect to present a danger including hotels, stock rooms at the back of shops, hairdressers and care homes.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be injured in an accident at work don’t delay in seeking our advice. We have handled a vast amount of workplace accident compensation claims. Wherever it’s happened – we’re here to help.