A YouGov report from last month showed that almost one in five (18%) UK adults have suffered a personal injury or accident in the past five years.

What are the benefits of making a compensation claim?

However, it also reveals that less than a third (29%) of those who suffered a personal injury or accident made a claim.

What puts people off?

The principal reason (33%) for deciding against making a claim is the belief that the accident or injury is not serious enough to justify such action.

More than a quarter of people (28%) said they did not believe in claiming compensation.

Some 19% of non-claimants said the belief that the case was not strong enough to guarantee a win also deterred them from delving into the legal aspects of an accident or injury.

The far-reaching benefits of making a claim

With over a quarter of people saying they don’t believe in compensation, it seems as though they are trying to distance themselves from a perceived ‘compensation culture’.

However, it is not wrong to claim compensation – in fact, it is in your and other people’s best interests to make a claim.

Firstly, you receive the compensation you deserve and the financial support you may require for rehabilitation. Payouts can also cover loss of earnings if your injury prevented you from going to work.

Secondly, making a claim highlights the bad practices and failings in health and safety in workplaces, on the roads and in public places, which helps to prevent further accidents – so you’re doing yourself and other employees/drivers/members of the public a big favour.

Some people worry that they will lose their job or adversely affect their relationship with their employer if they make a claim, but these concerns are unfounded. In the event an employer breaches their duty of care to another person, resulting in injury or illness, the injured party is entitled to compensation and you should not notice a difference in workplace relationships.

It is a fact that less than 20% of people who are eligible to make a claim actually go ahead and make one. Do not feel guilty – it is your right to claim.

If you want to make a road traffic accident or workplace accident claim, Lampkin & Co Solicitors may be able to pursue it on your behalf.