We’re very proud to be supporting the Law Society’s new advertising campaign for Personal Injury

The campaign is bold and uses the strapline ‘Don’t get mugged by an insurer – use a solicitor‘.

Law Society Personal Injury Campaign 2013

Law Society’s backing on the importance of using a solicitor is very welcome.

The key message of the campaign is to urge consumers to not just accept the first offer of compensation from insurers.

Research from the Financial Services Authority which only became publically available because of a freedom of information challenge revealed personal injury claimants who turn down an insurer’s initial offer and take legal advice from a solicitor can get on average three times more compensation.

Desmond Hudson, chief executive of the Law Society said:

This campaign doesn’t pull any punches, but we need to make a clear message, see your solicitor, don’t accept the insurers’ first offer and don’t deal with claims management companies. Pursuing your claim with a solicitor will mean you will get what you are genuinely entitled to.

The Law Society have more details on the campaign which runs over the next few weeks. We’ll be backing the campaign throughout Chester and the surrounding area, highlighting the difference results can make to the lives of accident victims.