The fact is workplace accidents are not there waiting to happen and can be avoided. 

Can a workplace ever be completely free from hazards?

Both the employer and employee have responsibilities in this respect and if both are committed to health & safety procedures, accidents are more likely not to happen.

Many times excuses are given in the wake of workplace accidents and below we dispel the most common myths.

Some accidents are waiting to happen

How many times have you heard people cite fate as reasons for mishaps, insisting some things are uncontrollable?

The truth is, the majority of accidents are preventable and you often have control over the circumstances around you.

Any worker who places their safety in the hands of fate is not only a risk to him/herself but to others as well.

When working you should take the time to identify hazards around you and do your best to avoid them.

No workplace is free from hazards

Contrary to this myth, hazard-free work zones are possible.

Practices have health & safety procedures in place for a reason. When someone fails to wear the right clothing or use the correct equipment, naturally the chances of an accident increase.

A safe place for work can be achieved by actively identifying and evaluating risks and applying the company’s advice on protecting workers.

It’s just too much effort

Often people say it costs too much money and time to be safe at work and therefore relegate safety concerns.

Yes, it requires money and time to train people and familiarise them with health & safety protocol.

But, how much time and money is lost when someone incurs a serious injury?

Spending a bit of time and money on health & safety at work seems like a breeze when you compare loss of earnings and the time spent recovering at home – not to mention the pain and consequences of the injury.

If you do sustain an injury at work that was not your fault, and negligence or the blame can be proved to lie elsewhere, we can pursue a workplace accident claim on your behalf.