There are many different types of accidents at work which can be caused by all manner of things. Whether you come into work feeling ill or particularly tired or you’ve not been given sufficient training in a particular aspect of your job, the roots of accidents at work lie in a range of origins.

Accident at work

Accidents at work occur for a number of reasons, but what are some of the most common?

Here are a few of the most common causes of an accident at work, with a view to raising awareness of the warning signs and identifying them before it is too late.

Inadequate training

If your role entails working with heavy machinery or any manually operated equipment, thorough training is absolutely crucial so that you feel comfortable working around the equipment and in order to prevent an accident. If you feel you have not received the training you need to complete a task safely – or you are unsure how a piece of machinery is operated – inform a senior member of staff.

Unmanageable workload

If you are being bombarded with emails all day and you’ve simply got too much to do, you should take action before your stress levels rise off the chart and increase the risk of an accident or injury. Whether you are rushing from one place to another or not giving something potentially hazardous your full attention, stress is a very real cause of accidents. Breaks are very important and you should aim to take one to calm down even if you feel you don’t have time. Speak to your manager if you have concerns about your workload as they may not be aware of the problem.


We spend a third of our lives sleeping – supposedly. Some busy workers can only dream of having eight hours sleep a night and often get far fewer than they need in order to perform well at work the next day. A lack of sleep can lead to dips in concentration or slow down reaction times, which could result in an accident depending on what workers are doing at the time.

An accident at work is not always the result of an act of negligence on the part of your employer or another member of staff, but when it is you can make an accident at work claim to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injury.