According to a survey for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prepared by KROC Research in 2009, 274,000 people go to work each morning and 241 of these will suffer from a workplace injury.

Few people mentioned farming as a dangerous profession in an HSE survey – but it’s actually number one.

Below are the most dangerous professions, with these posing the highest death or injury risk.

1. Agriculture, forestry and fishing

This is believed to be the most hazardous industry despite it being smaller in scale. The sector accounts for one in five of all fatal injuries to workers.

Almost half of the workers who were fatally injured were farmers and 21% were farm workers.

Agriculture only accounts for a small proportion of the UK’s workforce; however one in five deaths occurs in the workplace in this sector.

2. Construction

The sector currently employs 5% of employees in the UK and 22% of fatal industrial injuries occur in this sector along with 10% of reported major injuries.

Further to this, 5,000 occupational cancer cases are estimated to arise due to exposure to asbestos.

The real danger in the industry matches peoples’ perceptions, with half of respondents in the HSE survey (56% of business leaders and 52% of employees) correctly identifying ‘construction worker’ as having one of the most hazardous jobs in Britain.

3. Manufacturing industry

This sector accounts for around 10% of the UK workforce but is responsible for 25% of fatalities and 16% of reported injuries to employees.

Around 2,000 occupational cancer deaths occur each year due to exposure to toxic materials.

4. Waste and recycling

This sector is reported to only employ about 0.6% of the workforce in Britain but is responsible for 2.8% of reported accidents.

A third of the fatalities in this sector are down to employees being struck by heavy duty vehicles and 35% of major injuries occur because of slips and trips.

Misguided perceptions

Those surveyed on the misconceptions surrounding health and safety among workers believed that electricians and miners would be likely to incur dangerous workplace accidents.

However, according to the HSE the risks to workers in both industries are strongly overestimated.  Both don’t make the top ten.

What’s more, very few respondents mentioned farm workers, who actually face the highest risk of workplace injuries and fatalities.

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