This was one of the most upsetting motorcycle pillion accident claims we have ever done. The case was so specific as to the injuries that we cannot give out too much information as our client’s personal information has to be protected.

The case was on behalf of a pillion passenger who, through the negligence of the motorcycle rider sustained life changing injuries.

Pillion accident claims are often traumatic and one of the features of this case was that the pillion had not been provided with sufficient motorcycle clothing, One of the arguments raised by the insurance company defending the claim was that the pillion contributed to their injuries and therefore the award should be reduced to take account of this.

The internal injuries sustained by the pillion rider were so catastrophic that we succeeded in our arguments that no amount of strong motorcycle clothing short of a suit of armour would have prevented the crushing injuries.

This was one of the first occasions that as expert motorcycle accident lawyers we have faced an argument of contributory negligence where a pillion was not wearing protective equipment.

These novel arguments are now being raised all the time by insurance companies who aim solely at reducing the amount they pay out for claims and serves to confirm our advice to all our clients to not call insurance companies without taking our advice first.

We are pleased to report that the pillion passenger seriously injured in this case is rebuilding their life and the substantial compensation we secured will continue  to help into the future.