Despite the precautions taken by cyclists commuting each and every day, there are still drivers who fail to see them. This is often down to not keeping a look out for cyclists. They can sometimes feel as though they are invisible to drivers, especially when it comes to turning at junctions. We represented a cyclist hit in work car park he suffered the effects of this when he was knocked down by a car despite wearing full hi-vis clothing and having lights on his bicycle.

Our client was commuting to work in Flintshire in the morning, cycling through the large factory car park. A car pulled out of the visitor’s car park and failed to give way to our client, despite him being in plain view and fully established in the road. The car collided with the front wheel and left hand fork of our client’s bicycle. This caused him to be thrown from his bike, flying over the bonnet of the car and landing in the road on his right shoulder.

The extent of a cyclist’s injuries can sometimes be understated. This was the case here, as our client had picked himself up and completed his work day. As the day wore on and the shock subsided, our client became more and more aware of his pain. After taking himself to his GP, the GP referred him to the A&E department of the local hospital where his injuries were assessed. Our client had suffered fractures to his lower and anterior ribs, with contusions and sprains to his back, shoulder and right arm. He also had soft tissue damage and extensive bruising on his right arm and knee.

The driver of the car that had struck our client attempted to contact him to discuss the claim. Luckily, our client had followed our advice and asked him to contact us as his legal representatives in respect of his accident. We contacted the driver’s insurance company direct who admitted that their driver had been totally at fault for the accident. After submitting the evidence of our client’s injuries to the insurer we were able to negotiate a fair settlement. We were also able to secure payment for the damaged hi-vis clothes that were torn in the accident, a bonus our client wasn’t expecting and was very grateful to receive given their cost.