Reports are showing that a serious cycle accident occurred on the A56 in the Mickle Trafford area of Chester on the 2nd of March 2015. The incident occurred at 8.38 and led to the air ambulance being called out to air lift the seriously injured 53 year old cyclist to hospital.

The Cheshire police closed roads and advised motorists to avoid the area for some time whilst they investigated the collision between the cyclist and a Mercedes tipper lorry.

As local solicitors we deal with the aftermath of similar serious road traffic accidents and realise only too well the impact this can have on a family. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all concerned and we hope the cyclist makes a good recovery and has the support of his friends and family.

One aspect of this type of serious injury accident in Cheshire that concerns us is the lack of police support. We have recently been involved with several road traffic accidents where the Cheshire constabulary have attended and have been appalled by the lack of understanding and sympathy exhibited by the police.

Cheshire Cyclist Accident

In the past, where an accident victim is unable to take details of the accident circumstances the Police will record all available evidence including names addresses and even evidence of skid marks. Later when we are appointed to look after the claim we would ask the police for a copy of their road traffic accident report. This was normally a copy of all their records and would enable us to contact witnesses and advise our clients fully.

A fee of around £100 would be paid to reimburse the police for their time and costs which was seen as a fair charge particularly given the value of the information for our client’s case.

We have recently been told by the Cheshire constabulary that their policy is to no longer make a report available. We view this as a dereliction of duty and are formulating a complaint on behalf of several Chester accident victims who have been seriously injured and have received no cooperation from the Police. One case involved a cyclist who was knocked from his cycle by a trailer being towed by a vehicle. He was taken to hospital and is incensed that neither he nor ourselves have been able to obtain any information from the police to help us bring a claim for compensation.

We hope that the cyclist in this serious incident will have the information to allow his legal team to advise him but if he receives no cooperation we will invite him to join our pressure group campaigning for the Cheshire police to help accident victims more.