Insurance companies have all sorts of tactics to delay or knock down the value of a claim. From demands for completely irrelevant information to totally unreasonable offers, their list of tricks is extensive. As specialist personal injury solicitors, we’ve seen it all when it comes to these strategies. This is why we’d advise anybody injured in an accident to call us first for legal advice – not the insurance companies!


We had a recent client who experienced one of these tactics first hand. Our client was a cyclist proceeding through Shotton. He entered a roundabout and on his way around was hit by a car who pulled out without due care and attention. Upon impact he was thrown from his bike and landed heavily on his right hand side. Our client suffered from soft tissue injuries and abrasions to his right side but more importantly had damaged a nerve in his arm through his heavy landing.


Before he was able to undergo a medical examination (which we organise for all of our clients) the driver’s insurance company got in touch to offer him £1,000 to pay off his claim straight away. Our client was unsure about this and asked our legal advice. It was lucky that he did so as the medical evidence revealed the extent of his nerve damage. After a nerve conduction study was performed by a medical professional and a report compiled by an orthopaedic surgeon, it was found that our client had some degree of permanent damage. This led to an eventual settlement of over £11,000.


The initial offer presented, less than 10% of what we were able to secure, was obviously a deliberate attempt to pay our client off and prevent him from receiving the money he was entitled to. This goes to show that it is always best to receive quality legal advice when claiming.