London cyclists have been in the news often lately, with news reports showing that injuries and fatalities have been rife. It is clear that safety in the capital is a big issue for cyclists. We are delighted to announce that one of our London cyclist clients has been successfully compensated for an injury he suffered when involved in an all too common road traffic accident.

Our client was travelling in a cycling lane in Camden, London on a one-way street. A car travelling behind wasn’t looking out for him and turned right across the cycle lane. The car clipped our client’s back wheel, throwing him from his bike. As is often the case with cyclist collisions, our client suffered from a range of injuries. These included back pain and stiffness, injury to his right knee and muscle injuries to both his left ankle and foot. This is evidence that safety equipment is vital to any cyclist. As he sustained these injuries while fully protected, his injuries could have been much worse had he neglected to use safety equipment.

After the accident our client was off work for 6 weeks. He was unable to carry out his duties as a manual worker without severe pain. As we aim to recover all of our clients’ losses – not just the payment due for his injuries – we requested wage slips for the months prior to his accident to work out just how much money he had lost. His employer had provided these along with a figure they believed to be the amount he was owed. Thankfully, we had scrutinised these wage slips ourselves and found that his employer’s total figure was £160 less than it should have been. We amended this to reflect the full 100% of his lost wage, which we duly recovered from the car driver’s insurers after settling the injury element of his claim.

Where an accident involves taking time off work, we would always advise our clients to send over their wage slips. In this case we were able to claim back 6 weeks of wages for our client, a substantial sum that could cause financial difficulties if not recovered.