If you’re involved in an accident where you cannot obtain the details of the other driver, do not panic! We deal with many accidents on the road where the insurance details or registration number of the defendant are not available. Sadly, not all people involved in accidents stay around to exchange these vital details. We get many clients who are unsure as to whether they can make an unknown driver claim.


This is where the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) comes in. The MIB are a ‘stand-in’ insurer for those claims where the driver is either uninsured or cannot be traced. This is a valuable service which ensures that those people who are injured (and would be entitled to compensation if the details were known or the car insured) are still able to make a claim.


We dealt with an unknown driver claim involving a cyclist who was hit by a car that pulled out of a junction, totally unaware of where our client was. She was taken to hospital after the collision to treat her injuries, including neck/shoulder pain, ligament damage to her finger and lacerations to her knee and face.


The police carried out an investigation but were unfortunately unable to trace the driver who had collided with our client. We submitted her claim to the MIB under the Untraced Drivers Agreement. The MIB arranged for an investigation into liability to be made and valued our client’s injuries based on her medical report.


After investigating the circumstances of the accident, the MIB accepted that it was the fault of the uninsured driver. Therefore they made an offer equivalent to the amount our client would have been offered had she been claiming against an identified, insured driver. Our client was very happy with the outcome, as the unknown driver claim was settled speedily and at a level of compensation suited to her case.