Filtering through traffic is part and parcel of driving a motorcycle. A large amount of motorcycle accidents are caused by the inattentiveness of drivers who don’t look before they turn. Unfortunately, injuries sustained by a motorcycle rider can often be severe. We know all too well about these incidents, having represented many clients who have decided to claim for personal injury after being knocked from their bike.


An example of this kind of accident can be seen in a recent case of ours. We represented a man who was driving his Honda motorcycle in Birmingham, filtering through traffic as is the norm. As he was doing so, a car directly in front of him decided to turn right, cutting across our client’s path. The car clipped his motorcycle, causing him to fall and be rendered unconscious. An ambulance was called to the scene and our client was taken to hospital. While at hospital, the extent of his injuries was revealed. Our client had sustained 2 spinal fractures, multiple rib fractures, a knee injury and bruising to his lungs. He was kept in hospital for 4 days following the accident.


Cases involving filtering through traffic are often problematic in terms of liability for the accident. The motorcycle rider will often be assigned part of the blame by the other driver’s insurance company. They will allege that it was partly the fault of the motorcyclist, as they should have looked out ahead for the car turning across. However, in many cases this is simply not possible due to the lack of adequate indication from the car turning across their path. The same insistence was put forward by the insurers in this particular case but after seeing our argument and the evidence with which we backed it up, they made an offer to settle.


Our client was awarded £15,000 in respect of this accident; a sum he was very happy to receive and which we were very happy to have won for him.