A common misconception is that the compensation awarded in a personal injury claim only covers the injuries themselves; there are many other factors assessed which can make a great difference when it comes to the final pay-out. A recent case in which we represented a woman who had been injured in a road traffic accident is testament to this. Our client’s injuries were severe to the point that she required an operation on her ankle leaving her unable to carry out the simplest of tasks without assistance for some time. We managed to negotiate a payment of over £2,000.00 in relation to the care provided by the client’s partner and daughter following the accident and her recovery from surgery.

Our client was a motorcycle rider who was proceeding correctly along a road when the defendant carelessly pulled out in front of her causing her to collide with the bonnet of their car and land on the road on the other side of the vehicle. An ambulance was called to the scene and our client was taken to A&E. In the weeks following the accident she was unable to perform household tasks such as washing up and cleaning, requiring physical help from her family. This was again the case in the weeks after our client underwent keyhole surgery in an attempt to repair the damage caused to her ankle. The substantial time and effort expended by her family in providing this help was reflected in the award of over £2,000.00 relating to this within her final compensation amount.


If you are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident and require care in any form, rest assured that this will be factored in when assessing the amount of compensation due to you. We have recovered additional payment in relation to care costs for many of our clients and would urge anybody who requires care following an accident to keep a record of the help they’ve received; this is invaluable to us when performing the complex calculations needed to value the care provided.