We pride ourselves on the willingness of our clients to recommend us to others. We have many new clients come to us saying that a friend or family member has had a claim through us and passed on our number when they hear of the accident. This was the case for a client of ours who decided to bring his motorbike accident claim to us.


Our client had been proceeding along the road in Mancot on his Kawasaki motorbike when a driver pulled out of a side road without looking. Having no time to steer out of the way, our client hit the side of the car and fell from his bike. The motorbike was latter written off by an engineer.


He was taken to the hospital where he was checked over. Luckily, he hadn’t broken any bones, but was still suffering from severe muscular pain as a result of the accident. His neck, back, hip, shoulder and wrist were all damaged in the crash. Unfortunately, these types of multi-site injuries are very common in motorbike accident claims.


The evidence for the injuries was obtained in a report by a medical expert. We obtained evidence for our client’s other losses in the form of photographs of damaged items. As all bikers will know, riding gear and a helmet are often priced in the hundreds of pounds. Therefore we know how important it is to recover the cost of these; replacements will be requested as part of a motorbike accident claim if they’re damaged.


The liability in this accident was swiftly admitted so we were able to quickly settle this motorbike accident claim for our client. He received a great settlement, which compensated him for his injuries and allowed him to replace his biking gear with new equipment and get back out on to the road.