We always try our best to ensure our clients recover from their injuries. We can organise for physiotherapist and clinical psychologist appointments to help our clients get back to normality. These are effective methods of treating physical and psychological injuries, proven in many cases. One such case was that of a motorcyclist who received cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) treatment to cure his psychological injuries.


The accident took place in Flint, when our client was proceeding along the road on his Kawasaki motorcycle. A car travelling in the opposite direction turned right without seeing him at all and hit his right side. Due to him being on a motorcycle, this meant our client’s leg bore the brunt of the collision. He sustained severe fractures to his tibia and femur, requiring surgery to pin and plate the bone back together. He also fractured his spine in several places as well as his ribs and hand. In total, our client spent 7 days in hospital before being allowed to return home.


The medical report prepared by a lower limb specialist instructed by us showed that he was recovering as best as could be hoped given his injuries. He did however notice that the claimant also suffered from psychological symptoms as a result of the accident. We therefore instructed a psychologist to examine our client to assess him and recommend treatment. This doctor recommended the CBT treatment sessions.


We obtained an interim payment from the insurers of the vehicle who hit our client to pay for the treatment. Whilst the initial CBT assessment revealed some concerns, our client made a very swift improvement. He was feeling much improved after a few sessions and was able to overcome his psychological injuries with the help of the psychologist.


This claim was eventually settled for £40,000 which included the price of the successful CBT treatment. We’re glad to have played a part in getting our client the treatment he needed to overcome his psychological injuries.