Psychological injuries can be every bit as important as physical injuries. Some accidents can cause trauma which interfere with the victim’s everyday life. It’s well known that soldiers can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition which makes it much harder to go about their day-to-day activities. It’s lesser known that victims of traumatic accidents can suffer in the same way. We’ve acted for many of these claimants, who have been able to benefit from therapy to treat their psychological injuries much as physiotherapy would benefit their physical injuries.


A client of ours who benefitted from this treatment was involved in a motorcycle accident. He was making his way around a roundabout in Teeside on his motorbike. A car pulled on to the roundabout as he was passing one of the exits and hit his front wheel. Our client’s head and shoulder hit the bonnet of the car and he was thrown onto the road. He was hospitalised for five days after the accident.


The doctors found that he had fractured his back, injured his right hand, suffered soft tissue damage to his neck and tore the rotator cuff in his left shoulder. These extensive physical symptoms were accompanied by psychological injuries – due to the accident and his inability to do the things he loved, such as biking, it had an adverse effect on our client’s mood. He also suffered frequent flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety around bikes. Combined with the severe physical injuries, these prevented him from sleeping of a night and only worsened. This left our client in a depressive condition.


After we organised for a medical report for the physical aspect of his claim, we arranged for our client to see a clinical psychologist to prepare a report on his psychological injuries. This provided evidence that the accident had greatly affected our client’s mental condition. The expert also recommended cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions to help our client. We obtained an interim payment for the cost of this treatment, which our client said had helped him greatly.


We eventually settled this claim including psychological injuries for over £26,800. We’re glad that we were able to help our client in his recovery through getting the payment he needed for his CBT sessions.