Motorbike injury claims often have similar features. As there’s no protection for the rider other than their clothing, we often see injuries to many parts of the body. Not only is there the danger from the crash itself, there’s also the risk of being struck again. This kind of accident is seen below, in a claim we dealt with where a client was stuck after being hit by his sliding bike.


Our client was riding his Honda motorbike in Newcastle when a car pulled out of a junction as he was passing, hitting his front wheel. He was thrown to the ground and then pinned under his bike which had slid on top of him. Paramedics had to carefully remove the bike from him to avoid any further injuries. Passers-by had tried to free him but his pain was increasing due to the movement.


Unfortunately, we tend to see this kind of collision rather frequently. As experienced motorbike injury solicitors, we’ve had plenty of contact with clients who’ve been injured in this way. It’s one of the most common types of injury involved with motorbike accident claims.


This particular client had severe soft tissue injuries. He had injuries down the left hand side of his body and in his ankle where the motorcycle peg struck him. His left leg was incredibly painful and swelled increasingly after the accident. Our client ended up hospitalised for several days on an IV drip to reduce the swelling.


His shoulder injury was treated with an injection which failed to improve the pain. Despite further surgery on the shoulder to improve its mobility, the medical specialist providing a report on his case commented that he was unlikely to see a full recovery. This meant that our client’s motorbike injury claim was more important given that it would always affect him.


Our client’s injuries plus the damaged biking equipment and loss of earnings totalled over £26,600. Whilst we obviously wish that our client could have made a full recovery, we hope that the compensation has gone some way towards helping him work through it.