Due to our national reputation for dealing with serious motorcycle accident claims we have been approached by Mr B who broke his leg on the 28th May 2014 following a fall from his motorcycle caused by a diesel spill.

The accident occurred on the Cinderhill roundabout in Nottingham which is notorious for such accidents given that it is so near to a filling station. It has become common for motorists to overfill their tanks or to leave the filler cap off altogether and cause dangerous spillages to cause a danger to motorcyclists.

In such case we are able to help even though the negligent motorist cannot be traced. A claim for compensation for the broken leg can be made to the Motor Insurance Bureau. This organisation is funded by all the insurance companies who contribute to its funds according to their share of the motor insurance business. The MIB will pay out compensation for injuries caused by a negligent motorist who cannot be traced.

The problem in this particular case is that our client went straight to hospital for treatment and so we have no evidence to show that the accident was caused by a diesel spill. We are making enquiries with the local traffic police and the highways department of the council to ascertain whether any other incidents occurred. We are also appealing for any witnesses who may have been travelling around the Cinderhill Roundabout in Nottingham on the 28th May 2014 and who saw a motorcycle accident to get in touch with us.

If you have any information if you would like advice following a motorcycle accident on a diesel spill please get in touch.