Riding a motorcycle as a pillion passenger clearly involves placing a great deal of trust in the rider in charge. As expert motorcycle accident lawyers we quite often are asked to look after pillion passengers injured in both fault and non fault accidents.

In this case the accident was clearly caused by the lack of attention of the rider who readily admitted to attempting to enter a roundabout at excessive speed caused by his lack of experience of having a pillion on board. Both rider and passenger were thrown from the motorcycle which landed on our client’s leg leading to a fracture to his ankle.

The case came to us following a recommendation by one of our previous motorcycle accident clients even though the case had originally been referred to solicitors by the rider’s insurance company. We never like to see the “at fault” insurer sending such cases to their “tame” solicitors as we believe there is a conflict of interests.

The client was therefore happy to transfer his motorcycle accident claim to us as specialists.

The client was originally reluctant to take legal proceedings against the rider who is his friend and work colleague. However given the serious nature of his injuries and the fact that the level of compensation would clearly outweigh any effect on his friends compensation he could see the clear sense in taking action.

We were delighted that we were able to secure an excellent personal injury award.