As motorcycle accident specialist lawyers we have a reputation for dealing with high value injury claims. This case came to us after being with insurance company appointed solicitors for over two years and when the client lost patience with them.

We have acted for many motorcycle couriers in and around London and because we treat them so well and listen to their worries and concerns we are often recommended around the London courier circuit.

This case involved a courier who was going about his usual business on a busy London road when a black cab coming in the opposite direction attempted a U-turn right in front of him. He had no time to react and collided with the cab throwing him from the motorcycle. The bizarre twist to this incident was that due to spilt petrol the injured courier actually set on fire and only thanks to the quick witted actions of a nearby shop assistant was further burn injury avoided as she grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran to his aid.

Thankfully our client was then able to be treated at the road side and it was discovered later that he had sustained serious road traffic accident injuries comprising a fractured shoulder, fractured arm, crush injury to his other arm (caused by the wheel of the taxi), a compressed lung.

The injuries to his arms and shoulders led to complex surgery including the insertion of metal work.

On top of the physical injuries a clear finding of post traumatic stress disorder following a such a frightening motorcycle accident was almost inevitable. Fortunately the insurers for the at fault driver were engaged in rehabilitation and so Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) was arranged and helped the client overcome his psychological injury to the extent that he was soon able to resume his motorcycle courier work.

The physical injuries required forensic investigation and it was during this process that the client lost faith with his insurer appointed solicitors and was persuaded by friends and colleagues to seek our advice.

It is always difficult advising clients who are a long way into the claims process to transfer their case. It is not right to take advantage and tell them to transfer come what may as this may not be in their best interests. Our advice is that it is ususally best to stay with your solicitors unless you reach the point where you have lost all trust and confidence with them. Unfortunately this was just such a case and we were happy to arrange a transfer of the paper to us so that the client could be entirely confident that he would acheive the correct settlement for such a serious personal inujury claim that could affect his future.

Given the fact that the three year anniversary was approaching proceedings had to be issued on an urgent basis and we spent many hours with our client making sure we knew everything about how his injuries affected his life.

Both our client and ourselves were delighted at acheiving such a fantastic settlement for such a deserving client.