A motorcycle helmet damage claim comes as part of any road traffic accident where the claimant’s motorcycle helmet suffers a bash or dent of any kind. This is because the structural integrity of the helmet itself may be compromised. The damage may not be entirely visible, but if a rider were to fall again and their damaged helmet not offer adequate protection, it could be at the cost of the rider’s life.


We acted for a client who made a motorcycle helmet damage claim as part of his wider claim for personal injury. He had been involved in a rather unorthodox accident involving a scooter. The scooter had a large top box fitted; when the scooter rider attempted to undertake our client, this top box hit the handlebar of our client’s bike and caused him to lose control.


He’d come off the bike and suffered extensive injuries. He had several fractured ribs, a fractured sternum and a collapsed lung which had to be drained in hospital. The liability aspect of this bike accident claim was settled after the police issued a letter to the scooter rider ordering him to attend a driving course or face prosecution.


The valuation of the injuries was completed relatively quickly compared to the negotiation over the motorcycle helmet damage claim. We always aim to retrieve the full value of the motorcycle helmet for our clients. It’s such an essential piece of equipment that the client should be reimbursed fully so that they can purchase a new one as soon as possible.


The insurers in this case thought otherwise and continued to offer below half of what the helmet was actually worth. This was not acceptable at all so we maintained our stance and eventually managed to convince them to pay the full value of the helmet.


The motorcycle helmet damage claim compensated our client for the full cost of his helmet and formed part of a total compensation settlement of over £10,700. We’re delighted that we were able to recover the full cost of our client’s helmet in this case and hope that he can get back on the road and using his new one as soon as possible.