Our client was travelling to work early in the morning on his beloved motorcycle. He had not long saved up enough money to fulfil his lifelong ambition to pass his bike test and enjoy the  thrill and freedom of motorcycling.

Despite our client’s relative inexperience he was  a careful and prudent motorcyclist and had his headlight illuminated and was wearing a high visibility jacket. He was travelling in the inside lane of two through a deserted town centre on his way to start his early morning shift. Even though he was the only vehicle on the road the young car driver coming the other way inexplicably turned right directly into collision with him.

This really was a classic case of  “sorry mate I didn’t see you” however the driver tried to dispute liability for the accident even when questioned by the police.

We formed an early and clear view of liability even though we could not receive the police papers until after the successful conviction of the driver for driving without due care and attention.

Our client sustained multiple motorcycle accident injuries including a broken femur, broken ribs and multiple lacerations and soft tissue injuies. Renedered initially immobile we engaged in a process of rehabilitation to ensure that his daily needs were met. He was also understandably traumatised and so we selected and sourced help to assess his psychological injuries arising from this traumatic accident. He benefitted greatly from a course of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to such an extent that he has now bought another motorcycle and has overcome his fears.

We are delighted to have been able to look after such a lovely motorcycle accident client.