To be injured in a road traffic accident on a scooter, you need not be involved in a collision. Unlike when driving a car, a scooterist or motorcyclist can fall from their vehicle. Particularly sharp braking or swerving may cause the scooter or bike to topple over, leaving you injured without actually having collided with anybody. As specialist scooter and bike accident solicitors we recognise that these kinds of non-collision accident are every bit as important as a conventional ‘crash’ claim.


We dealt with an example of this type of case for a recent client. He had been riding his Vespa scooter along a road in Leeds when a car pulled out in front of him. Our client had to brake sharply and swerve to avoid a collision with the car, which made his scooter tip to the right. As a result of this our client fell from his scooter and on to the road. He was seen by an ambulance crew at the scene of the accident.


From this non-collision accident our client sustained muscle injuries to his neck and back in addition to abrasions to his elbow and hip as a result of falling from his scooter. We instructed a medical expert to assess our client’s injuries. The expert produced a report for us to use as evidence of our client’s injuries and recommended our client undergo physiotherapy to relieve his pain. As always, we took care of this and arranged for our client to receive his treatment, paid for by the insurer of the driver who caused the accident.


This case was eventually settled for a total of over £5,500. Our expertise in scooter and bike accident claims was undoubtedly a factor in settling this case as many solicitors are often scared of taking on these non-collision accidents.