It can be a daunting experience being a pillion passenger. You’re out on the road but with neither the control of the vehicle nor the protection a car passenger is afforded. It’s fortunate then that when claiming for personal injury as a pillion passenger, liability is very rarely an issue. As an accident can hardly be described to be the fault of someone who has no control over the vehicle they’re travelling on, it would take exceptional circumstances to constitute blaming a pillion passenger. Claiming compensation for an accident that occurred whilst you were riding pillion is therefore a no-brainer.


We represented a client recently who had been involved in an accident as a pillion passenger. The rider of the motorcycle and the driver of another vehicle had collided, causing injury to our client. These injuries consisted of soft tissue damage to his hand and back in addition to an ankle fracture (an unfortunately common injury in motorcycle accidents). He was unhappy with the service he had received from the solicitors initially dealing with his claim and demanded that they pass his file on to us so that we could take over his case. As a firm highly experienced in motorcycle claims, we were only too happy to take care of the matter for him. After taking over conduct, we quickly organised an appointment for our client to see a specialist medical expert. The expert provided his report, which concluded that our client would likely suffer some degree of permanent pain and discomfort in his ankle. He also commented that our client may be further at risk from osteoarthritis due to the injury.


With the assessment of his injuries taken care of, we then organised a list of our client’s other losses. This included all of his clothing damaged in the accident, his helmet and the care provided by his wife and children.  Armed with this evidence we began discussions with the insurance company who had agreed to deal with the claim. After a short period of negotiation, we settled our client’s claim for the sum of £17,500. This was an excellent result for our client, who had obviously made the right choice in transferring his file to us.