Our reputation means a lot to us. We take pride in having many repeat clients who have been so pleased with our services they have come back to us the next time they make a claim. In a case we settled for one of our repeat clients recently, he had unfortunately been involved in a second road traffic accident.


We had dealt with his first accident a few years earlier so he decided to stick with a firm he knew and trusted. This was a smart move, as our expertise in motorcycle accident claims helped to secure another settlement and left our client happy to have come to us for the second time.


Our client had been filtering through traffic on his motorcycle in Birmingham when a car turned right and knocked him from his bike. He was unconscious until he awoke in hospital. He’d suffered serious injuries in the collision, including bruising to one of his lungs and fractures of his spine and ribs. Our client wasn’t able to return to work for over a month.


Instructing us was a wise move, as traffic filtering accidents can often be difficult to prove. Insurance companies tend to try to apply a portion of blame to the motorcyclist regardless of the circumstances. Predictably, this was the case in this instance as we discovered after making contact with the driver’s insurer. We arranged for the release of our client’s hospital records to assist us with proving his injuries and pressed on with his case. This included assessment by a physiotherapist, who went to visit our client to decide the best course of treatment to help him recover.


The insurer of the third party driver eventually offered payment of £15,000 to our client in respect of his injuries, which he accepted. He was extremely grateful that we’d managed to secure another successful settlement for him, although we hope he doesn’t require our services again in the future!

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