In a stunning case the danger that can lurk in a ‘normal’ whiplash injury was revealed when a businessman suffered a stroke 34 days after a minor whiplash collision.

In a case reported in the London Standard a businessman was involved in a minor RTC in 2008. Details were exchanged at the scene and he went on his way thinking he had only suffered minor whiplash injuries. Robert Bright 56, had actually sustained damage and a split to the main artery that supplies the brain leading to the blood clot and stroke.

This brought an end to his management career and now he needs help from carers and has a permanent disability.

This case highlights the danger that is often overlooked when dealing with minor accidents and the effects of whiplash. If the press releases of the insurance companies are to be believed then it can be doubted whether whiplash exists at all. Further, as the latest court rules changes due to come into force in April will reduce to a minimum the cost that can be recovered by solicitors dealing with these claims then these bizarre cases will  be overlooked.

“Solicitors will have to run these cases on a shoestring after April and it is highly likely these cases will be settled quickly and underlying damage may be ignored” claimed Mark Lampkin, expert personal injury solicitor.

“Not only that but now it is commonplace for insurers to offer victims cash before they instruct solicitors or seek medical attention. If people accept and then have these catastrophic symptoms they will not be able to reopen their claim and could lose out on millions” he continued.

This tragic case highlights the need for all people involved in accidents and suffering whiplash to seek good medical attention and expert advice before making any decisions.