Renowned motorcycle accident specialist solicitors firm Lampkin & Co based in Chester have formed a ground breaking alliance with Motorcycle Law Scotland to create a formidable team to protect the rights of motorcyclists and scooter riders injured in road traffic accidents in Great Britain.

It is a little known legal fact that if an accident happens in Scotland, only Scottish lawyers can take any resulting claim for compensation to court. This is because the case must be brought in the

Scottish courts where a different system is in operation. Similarly where accidents occur in England the cases must be brought here by English qualified lawyers.

This inevitably causes difficult because these same victims will contact lawyers where they live and if this is out of the “jurisdiction” those lawyers will be unable to act. “As expert bike accident lawyers our clients will often come back to us or refer friends to us and quite often the accidents happen when they are on tour over the border. We have been looking for a firm in Scotland who we could trust with our client’s claims and I am delighted to have found a true diamond” enthused Mark Lampkin, owner of Lampkin & Co.

Brenda-Mitchell-Motorcycle-Law-ScotlandMotorcycle Law Scotland, as the name suggests is an outstanding bike claim practice dedicated to nothing else but bikers. The firm was created by Brenda Mitchell who with in excess of 27 experience can truly be classed as a bike accident expert. “By working together both Motorcycle Law Scotland and Lampkin & Co Solicitors will ensure that cross-border clients receive the specialist representation they deserve when claiming for often very serious injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists injured in road traffic accidents need the benefit of expert knowledge that  can only come from experienced motorcycling lawyers who are committed to providing the very highest standard of legal representation” stated Brenda Mitchell confirming why Lampkin & Co Solicitors were an ideal match for her firm.

Motorcycle accidents by their nature often involve complicated arguments on liability and serious injuries that need careful handling. Cases can be adversely affected if the client makes the wrong first call which is often to an insurance company. “This can often lead to clients details being sold on to the wrong firm or the insurers trying to “buy off” the client’s claim early for the lowest amount possible. Always ring an expert lawyer first before speaking to you insurer” advised Mark Lampkin.

Lampkin & Co Solicitors can now help bikers and scooterists involved in accidents even in Scotland due to this perfect marriage of two firms dedicated to injured riders.