As a bike accident lawyer I cannot comprehend how three police forces contrived to ignore the plight of a biker injured in an accident and left lying in a ditch for three hours.

Not only that it would appear that when eventually the police turned up the seriously injured biker had to be transported to the hospital in the police car as no ambulance was available or despatched to the scene.

As a biker myself I shudder at the thought of a fellow rider being ignored in this way as this could so easily happen to me. Further in my work as a serious injury lawyer specialising in bike accident I see daily how serious these cases can be and how crucial is the “golden hour” following an accident. Indeed I have recently concluded a cash for a biker  who sustained life threatening injuries in a remote spot and but for the proximity of a helicopter would not be here today. I dread to think what would have happened to him if he had been similarly ignored.

I have to say that the standing of the police, in my view, is in serious danger of collapsing into ridicule and disdain particularly from the road going public. As an example of this I highlight the fact that the police forces of my local area, Cheshire and North Wales no longer compile reports when they attend accident scenes leaving victims without information that can help them fight a claim for compensation.

I have a case where a veteran was walking home and struck by a vehicle sustaining life changing injuries but having no recollection of the accident. The police attended and ordinarily they would compile a report upon the available evidence and for the payment of a fee we, as the victim’s lawyers, could obtain a copy. In this and similar serious accident cases the police have told us they have no reports available thus potentially scuppering our client’s claims.

This lazy incompetent policing will, in my view, lead  to avoidable injury and even death and we need to have a complete rethink as to the role and funding of the police force in this country. They are not just there to enforce the law they should be there to help us in our hour of need.

I am compiling evidence of  any road traffic accident cases where the police have either not attended when asked or have let down the accident victim  in any other way. Please contact me if you have any information and I will try to expose what I believe is a dangerous trend.