A Cheshire company was last week hit with a fine for failing to protect the safety of its employees. The safety failings were discovered in a HSE investigation after one of its workers lost a hand and part of his arm at its Ellesmere Port site.

Recycling company Recresco Ltd were found to have failed in providing proper guards for their machinery and had not carried out required risk assessments.

Worker loses arm

The injured employee’s glove was caught in a conveyor belt as he was carrying out maintenance on one of the company’s machines. The conveyor belt dragged his arm into the machine and severed it above the wrist.

Sadly, doctors were unable to reattach his hand and the worker now lives in constant pain. The accident has severely reduced his mobility and has obviously put him at a disadvantage on the labour market.

Health and safety breaches

Recresco Ltd were fined £50,000 after they were found guilty of health and safety safety breaches. They were also ordered to pay over £21,000 in costs.

Health and safety measures prevent accidents at work

Health and safety measures can help prevent accidents at work.

We hope that the seriousness of health and safety breaches like this is noted by all other companies whose employees operate heavy machinery. The simple failure to guard a conveyor belt has completely changed the life of an innocent worker. Accidents like these are easy to prevent given the right safety equipment.

Information on accidents at work involving machinery can be found here.