Research completed by insurance company Aviva shows that a shocking number of cycling accidents occur on the streets of London. In data provided by the Department for Transport hat covered between 2009 – 2013, it was found that there had been 22,988 accidents involving cyclists. This means that on average there were over 12 accidents per day in the Greater London area, equating to an accident every 2 hours. Given that only accidents which are reported to the police are included in the figures, the true total is likely to be much higher.

The figures include 80 deaths, with 16 of these occurring in 2013. 4 cyclists have already died this year in accidents within the capital, all of these involving HGVs.

The statistics also showed where in London accidents were most likely to occur. Elephant and Castle roundabout was the most dangerous location, the 80 accidents having taken place there dwarfing the second most dangerous Trafalgar Square (46). Waterloo Road roundabout came in at third with 45 incidents taking place over the 5 year period. The report confirmed that roundabouts are high risk areas for cyclists as 3 of the top 5 accident hotspots were roundabouts.

Simon Warsop, chief underwriting officer for Aviva said: “Cycling in London has never been more popular but the continued rise in the number of collisions involving cyclists is alarming.

“The human cost of these incidents can be immeasurable and we believe more can be done to reduce them.”

These figures can only be proof that more needs to be done to improve cyclist road safety in London. The Department for Transport has announced that fresh investment to the tune of £1billion is to be used to upgrade existing cycling highways in the capital and fund ‘Quietways’, which will create new routes through back-streets, parks and waterways. With the 7 pilot Quietways routes planned for completion in late spring 2016, it would seem that a solution needs to be found for preventing cycling accidents in the here and now.