Cyclist and pedestrian safety is set to undergo a dramatic improvement on a busy road in Sandycroft as it is confirmed that plans to build a dedicated cycle route will go full steam ahead.

A new cycle path along the Chester Road pavement is set to dramatically improve pedestrian safety.

Following the allocation of money for cycle paths by the Welsh government, work will start this month and is expected to be completed in 18 weeks.

Residents have been lodging complaints over the last three years about the dangers on a popular pedestrian route, where the road is so dangerous that cyclists are forced to use the pavement.

However, it is hoped a dedicated cycle path along the Chester Road pavement from Glendale Avenue in Sandycroft to Queensferry will solve the problem.

Flintshire councillor David Wisinger, who has avidly campaigned for the cycle path over the past few years, said that cyclists are too nervous to travel on the narrow road, where there is a heavy industrial traffic flow.

Cyclists posing hazard to schoolchildren and pensioners

Cyclists are instead choosing to ride on the pavement, presenting hazards for pedestrians, including children walking to school.

He noted that the majority of problems occur on the busy stretch between the 2 Sisters chicken factory and the Co-op supermarket.

“It’s very busy because of the staff cycling to and from work,” he said, adding that the speed at which they travel is “dangerous” for pedestrians.

The Queensferry representative added that pensioners had been “frightened to death they’ll be knocked over” and warned that schoolchildren and their parents are frequently in danger.

However, he sympathised with cyclists and understands they “don’t want to risk their lives”.

“I wouldn’t go along that road on a bike,” he stated.

Commenting on the news, Mark Lampkin, Principal Solicitor and owner of Lampkin & Co Solicitors, said:

“The number of cyclists on Britain’s roads has soared in the past few years, partially stemming from the ongoing Olympic spirit. This means there is likely to be an increasing number of cyclist accidents which could involve a car, another bicycle or a pedestrian.

“The government is seeking to encourage people to use their bikes, but roads and pavements lacking in appropriate facilities such as dedicated cycle paths can lead to accidents and serious injuries.”

If you have been involved in a pedestrian or cyclist accident and any damage sustained to yourself was caused by the negligence of someone else, we can pursue a personal injury claim on your behalf.