A mother of two has sadly become the latest of 4 people already this year to have suffered a fatal cycling accident on the roads of the capital. The 36 year old is believed to have died instantly following a collision with a tipper lorry in Central London. This further highlights the urgent need for additional road safety measures in London, particularly for lorries. HGVs have been involved in all 4 incidents so far this year.

President of the AA, Edmund King, said: “Sadly, this tragic death bears all the hallmarks of the ‘typical’ London cycle death – a female cyclist killed by a tipper truck turning left. These cases continue despite the AA’s Think Bikes Campaign, the Metropolitan Police ‘changing places’ initiative and other Transport for London and Department for London campaigns. We have distributed more than six million Think Bikes stickers to drivers to put on their side mirrors to remind them to think bikes but obviously much more needs to be done to stop this carnage”.

Good news for cyclists is that a safety scheme has already been announced by the Mayor of London and is due to take effect on 1st September 2015. This cannot come soon enough for those commuting in the capital, as figures from Transport for London show that the amount of cyclists on London’s roads has increased by 10% in the past year. Cyclists now make up 25% of the traffic in Central London at peak times.

With this recent spate of fatal cycling accidents, we would urge any cyclists travelling in the capital to be extremely vigilant. Larger vehicles have significantly larger blind spots than their smaller counterparts, so it is often difficult for them to spot pedestrians and cyclists. Hi-vis clothing is a must, especially in darker conditions, as being seen is essential in avoiding an accident.